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  • Regular Home Cleaning Packages

  • With such a busy schedule to keep, cleaning can sometimes be last on your every-growing list of things to do. Why not let HOT Cleaning Services help by taking care of the cleaning? We have designed different packages for a regular visit.

    Our weekly or fortnightly clean ensure that even the busiest households look their best. By keeping a more regular cleaning schedule with HOT Cleaning Services , you can get back to taking care of more important things.

    Not everyone needs as much as cleaning help in keeping your home. What if your home doesn't require the frequency of a weekly or fortnightly clean? You can choose a 3 Weekly or monthly cleaning schedule. We have different packages that accommodates all requirements.

    If you are interested in our regular package as a regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning service, we recommend booking a spring cleaning package first, then changing to our standard cleaning afterwards. That way, all areas of your home start off sparkling clean, and they'll stay sparkling clean!