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  • Premium Moving Home Package

  • Premium package is an extensive deep clean designed to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. Ideal as an occasional cleaning service any time of the year as a Spring clean or a Moving House Clean.

    Package is a complete package that includes Spring or Moving house clean with Window Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning. Please see below for full details.

    Treat yourself and your home by putting your feet up and letting us do the work.

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    1X Bedroom + 1 X Bathroom

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    2X Bedrooms + 1 X Bathroom

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    3X Bedrooms + 1 X Bathroom

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    4X Bedrooms + 1 X Bathroom

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    2X Bedrooms + 2 X Bathrooms

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  • Book Moving Clean Premium
    3X Bedrooms + 2 X Bathrooms

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  • Book Moving Clean Premium
    4X Bedrooms + 2 X Bathrooms

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    4X Bedrooms + 2 X Bathrooms

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  • What's Included

  • All Rooms

    •  Cobwebs Removed
    • Furniture Dusted/ polished
    • Window Sills Dust & Wipe
    • Sofas, chairs and under seat cushions Vacuumed
    • Lamps and light fixtures Dusted
    • Light switches Cleaned & Disinfected
    • All hanging photos & frames dusted
    • General Tidy Up
    • Aircon Cover/Ceiling Fans cleaned
    • Doors and door handles cleaned & disinfected
    • Skirting boards Dusted & wiped down
    • Carpets Vacuumed
    • Hard Floor Vacuumed/ Mopped
    • Rubbish bins Emptied & Relined
    • Air freshen and deodorise
    • Overall Appearance of the Room Left Neat
  • Bathrooms, Toilets and Laundry

    • Cobwebs Removed
    • Bathtub Cleaned/Scrubbed & disinfected
    • Shower recess Cleaned/ Scrubbed & disinfected
    • Benchtops Cleaned/ Scrubbed & disinfected
    • Sinks and taps Cleaned/ Scrubbed & disinfected
    • Mirrors/Splashback Wipe Cleaned
    • Cupboard Exterior Wipe Cleaned
    • Shower Doors & Handles Wipe Cleaned & Disinfected
    • Laundry bench/table cleaned
    • Toilet Cleaned and Disinfected
    • Rubbish bins Emptied & Relined
    • Floors Vacuumed/Mopped and disinfected
    • Overall Appearance of the Room Left Neat
  • Kitchen and Dining

    • Cobwebs Removed
    • Cooktop Cleaned
    • Benchtop Cleaned & Sanitise
    • Splashback Cleaned & Sanitise
    • Sinks & taps Cleaned/ Sanitised
    • Appliance Exterior Cleaned
    • Microwave Inside Cleaned
    • Rangehood Cleaned
    • Cupboard Exterior Cleaned
    • Open Shelving/s Cleaned
    • Dining table Cleaned
    • Rubbish bins Emptied & Relined
    • Floors Vacuumed/Mopped and disinfected
    • Overall Appearance of the Room Left Neat
  • Carpet Cleaning

    We utilise two types of carpet cleaning processes:

    1. Hot Water Extraction (commonly referred to as "Steam Cleaning")
    2. Encapsulation

    This package includes HOT Water Extraction.

    We request to please move furniture and other things that are on the floor before we arrive.

    Any heavy furniture (more than 5kgs) that are left in the carpeted floor will be cleaned around them.

  • Window Cleaning

    • Family Home Windows
    • Cobwebs around window frames removed
    • Window Frames Wiped
    • Windows cleaned Inside and Outside
    • Screens cleaned
    • Window sills
    • Window Tracks
    • Glass Doors
    • Glass Door Tracks
  • Cleaning products & equipment

    All Cleaning products and equipment needed while we clean are included in this service. All you have to do is open your doors to let the cleaners in.


    We have worked hard to make sure that HOT Cleaning Services is recognised as Geraldton's best cleaning service but we are aware that problems can arise. To this end, we have a very comprehensive insurance plan in place. We are covered for:

    • $20 Million in Public Liability
    • $20 Million in Product Liability
    • $50 Million for Workers Compensation
  • Exclusions

    • Oven cleaning - inside
    • Refrigerator cleaning - Inside
    • Blind Cleaning
    • High Windows
    • High Ceilings for cleaning Ceiling fan and cobwebs
    • Wall Washing
    • Windows that are deemed safety issues such as broken, cracked, damaged, window panes or fly-screens deemed unsafe to clean or climbing roofs
    • Lifting and moving furniture more than 5kgs. Floor will only be cleaned around.
    • Bad stains removal
    • Linoleum/Vinyl/Tiles & Grout - outcome of cleaning depend on the age of the flooring as well as the build up of existing dirt. Surface wear, damage, cracked or scratched surfaces or stains that cannot be completely cleaned or removed will definitely affect the outcome. HOT Cleaning is not holding responsibility for the conditions as mentioned
    • Carpet floor covering - stains, burnt, torn, etc are not HOT Cleaning responsibility for the conditions as mentioned.
    • Gardening/ Lawn mowing
    • Garage / Patio
    • Pressure Hosing Outside walls/ patio and garage


  • Add-On Services

    We also offer optional Add-on Once-Off Services such as Oven cleaning, Fridge cleaning, Windows, Carpets, Strip and Seal Linoleum, Gardening & Lawn mowing, etc. These can be included by clicking the Add-on button for a particular service.

    If you are considering weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleanings, we highly recommend getting the deep cleaning package first, then reverting back to a regular cleaning package on an ongoing basis

    If you're moving house, our moving in/out cleaning package has been designed especially for this purpose.

  • Making a Booking

    Our Residential packages stated a fixed time (number of man-hours) for your cleaning service and with the corresponding costs at the time of booking. This number of man-hours specified is accurate and realistic based on the scope/work specified and our previous experience.

    Please Note:  Since the condition of your properties can vary significantly and having not seen your premises, we will do as much as possible per your priority areas to clean within the allocated time specified in the package or quote and will arrange additional time with you if desired for our future visit. Our Client Service Team will contact you to discuss.

    Also, please note due to health and safety of our employees, HOT Cleaning Services reserves the right to decline the booked cleaning if it is deemed a health and safety hazard. If this is the case, HOT Cleaning Services will provide you with a refund.

  • Actual Time vs Man-hours

    Our home cleaning services are priced per man-hour (e.g. per cleaner per hour).

    if we send more than one cleaner, the actual service time is less than the total man-hours. For example, a 6 man-hour job would take:

    x 6 hours = 6 man-hours
    x 3 hours (each) = 6 man-hours
    x 2 hours (each) = 6 man-hours
  • How Long Will It Take?

    The total time required to clean your home can vary based on:

    • the size of your property
    • the cleaning tasks you would like us to perform
    • the amount of mess/clutter
    • the level of dirtiness/soiling
    • the quantity of furnishings/ornaments
    • the time since last cleaned

    With our Residential cleaning service for example, we offer a surface clean (regular cleaning package), which doesn't take the same time that a really thorough clean takes (spring cleaning)

    We send the HOT Cleaning Services team to suit the job requirements. Jobs like basic clean requires less man-hours than Spring Clean or Move Cleaning or Once off cleaning.

  • Completion of the Job

    HOT Cleaning Services requires the client do a “walk-through” inspection with HOT Cleaning Services representative to sign off the job. When the client is dissatisfied for any reason with the service provided, it will be rectified straight away. For clients who are not available to do a walk-through inspection on the day of cleaning, the client must inform HOT Cleaning Services within 24 hours of completion of the service. HOT Cleaning Services strives to achieve 100% client satisfaction and will endeavour to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.